How to Enable Root Access on CM13

First you have to Enable the developer option on your android device.To do so Go to Settings » About phone » Tap seven times on Build number.Now return back to Settings main menu and now you can see Developer options from there.

Now open Developer options

Look for Root access setting, and set it Apps and ADB or Apps only orADB only, as per your need.

Done!!!!! Now your Device which is running android Marshmallow via CM 13 has full root access.

To verify the root status install Root Checker.

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Fixing Host File Violation Of Freedom SMS

Freedom SMS or FSMS do not allow users who are blocking our ads but some of the phone sellers are using custom ROMs with embedded ad blocking  in the hosts file by default. Some user are willing to comply to use this app so we created this tutorial.

There are two methods to fix the host file violation:


  • You need to be rooted to execute the steps below. If you are not rooted try this method to root your device --> Here or Here .
  • install ES File Explorer for file navigation.

Method 1:

Fixing host file violation by deleting the hosts file.

  1. Open ES File Explorer menu -> Root explorer -> click Mount R/W then move all the selection to RW column.
  2. File Explorer menu -> Local -> Device -> system -> etc, you will see the file hosts then delete the file.
  3. Open FSMS again, It should work.

Method 2:

Fixing by editing the hosts file for compliance.

  1. Turn off WI-FI or Mobile data or disconnect internet connection.
  2. Open ES File Explorer menu -> Root explorer -> click Mount R/W then move all the selection to RW column.
  3. Open Es File Explorer menu -> Local -> Device -> system -> etc
  4.  Click the hosts file -> Text -> Es Note Editor - then in the menu click edit. Remove all the content except this line
  5. Long press hosts file -> more -> properties -> click change under permission row then uncheck write. 
  6. Open the app it should now work..


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Every time I dial special network commands I always prompted with error: “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. The number that I was trying to dial is "*199#". It could be due to any recently installed app that which is causing this error in my phone or maybe I am using custom ROM. This problem is very frustrating until I figured out that the work around is very easy.

 One way of solving this problem

One way of solving  “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” is to save the special number  to your contacts and a comma ',' at the end. Try calling the special number again, it should be good to go!  Enjoy! 🙂


Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

 Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

I encountered this problem when I updated Google play services in my Eclipse project. This error is due to too many methods included in the Google play services library.  You can safely take out those methods if you don't need them to not exceed the limit. This problem is much easier to work around in Android studio, but if moving to another IDE is not an option, you can try this workaround to reduce the method count of your project.

Removing unneeded Google services API

Google play services library includes the API of their  services like maps, plus, wear, games and etc.  In my case I only need Google ads API so I can safely remove them.

  1. Go to <some-path>google-play-services_lib\libs.
  2.  Open google-play-services.jar with any archiver like 7zip.
  3. Once you are inside the jar file navigate to \com\google\android\gms\ and delete services you don't need.  Enjoy!

How To Reset WordPress Password via MySQL Command

I decided to write this article because recently I was totally locked out of my blog because I forgot my username and password and unfortunately for some reason the reset password via email is not functioning.. LOL

My last option was to reset it via SSH and do some MySQL FU. 🙂

Okay here we go with the few steps to reset our password.

1 .  Login to your server via SSH.

2 . Login to MySQL

3.  Once you are in you will need to select the correct database. Look for the name that you found in your wp-config.php.

Command to show list of database:

4.  Select the correct database and DB table. Let say our database name is freedomSMS.

Selecting database:

Showing available tables in DB freedomSMS:

5. We are looking for the users table to reset our password. If you didn't change the table prefix during installation then the default would be wp_users table.

To show all users in wp_users table:

6.  The above command will show the users in your wordpress blog and other details like login password.  You will notice that there are many random characters stored in the password field of the user. Due to security reasons, WordPress stores the passwords as MD5 Hash rather than Plain text.

This means that you will not be able to enter plain text as the password. If I would like 'iloveyou'  to be my new password then the equivalent MD5 hash for that is 'f25a2fc72690b780b2a14e140ef6a9e0' .. Use this website to generate MD5 hash.

7. Updating user password.  For Example we will update or change the password of user Mboy.

Enjoy! You can now login to your wordpress site using Mboy as username and iloveyou as your password..! 🙂


Grid Tied System With Limiter and Battery Backup



This is my version of grid-tied with battery backup system. This is just basically a grid-tie + off grid system combined.  My main purpose of  the grid tie inverter is to cut down my electricity bill and off-grid inverter to give me an uninterruptible power supply for my SMS servers at home.  Nowadays,  you can simply buy single inverter or what we called hybrid inverter and you will have grid-tied and off grid inverter instantly in one box. But this is not the case with me since I started  to build Off grid system, then later expanded to grid-tied system. I do not have a choice but to use the existing  equipment I have. 🙂  If you have the time, build a system like this on your own instead of buying a ready made hybrid inverter because this is far more exciting to install than the ready made ones.  🙂



This is what it looks like in the real world .




Now we discuss what each component does.  Please refer to the first image  above.

  • Grid tie inverter  -  A solar system that is connected to the utility power gridpulling electricity from the grid when needed, then pushing excess electricity back into the grid when you aren't using the full capacity being generated by PV panels (photovoltaic).  As long as the grid stays up, it's a clever solution because it reduces or even eliminates the customer's electric bills while generating "clean" energy.  Grid-tied systems do not provide protection from power outages. When the electrical grid fails, grid-tied systems will not continue to operate.  Because of the very fact that these systems are tied into the power grid, however, they all have a safety feature that disconnects them from the grid when the grid goes down. In other words, if the power grid goes offline, your entire grid-tie solar array becomes instantly useless and you can't power a laptop computer even if you have $100,000 worth of solar panels sitting on your roof. In a grid-tie system, they all are instantly shut off.
  • You can watch this video to understand more how grid tie inverter works .

    • Limiter - This thing controls the amount of power that the grid tie inverters (GTI) can generate so that the amount of excess power produced by the solar panels are reduced to insignificant levels, if not eliminated --- because in some countries like the Philippines the producer pays for the excess power it gives to the distribution grid. This is because the electric power meters (the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) are not aware of the direction of power flow. In other words it only adds even if power is exported to the grid, thus, the consumers will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid, and this is the problem.gtil connection
      lm module
  • Off-Grid Inverter  -  When the power grid goes down, your entire PV array is instantly disabled by your grid-tie inverter, and you cannot use your PV array for anything! Even if the sun is shining, you will have no power from it. This is where the off-grid inverter (The inverter that is connected in the battery bank as seen in the diagram above) comes in. As you can see this inverter has its own solar panels connected. This is just a small (300watts) solar panels used just to float charge my battery and ready to kick in automatically anytime when a power interruption occurs. By default the large array of solar panel are connected to the grid tie inverter and when during  power interruption  I can easily transfer it to the charge controller by flipping the DPDT ( left side dpdt switch ) switch if I want to connect heavy loads or charge the battery bank and flip it back to the grid tie inverter when utility power is back.   The load that you can connect to the off-grid inverter is just within or limited by its capacity that is why I'm using a grid tie inverter as the default system since it has no overload.  I'm using the pip-hs-series off grid inverter of MPP Solar and you can configure it to power the loads from the utility grid when sun goes down so that your battery stays full at night as preparation for any power failure. This off grid inverter can sense power failure automatically and use the the power bank as power source. The DPDT switch at the right is used to transfer the load directly to the utility grid or to the off-grid inverter.


Off-grid inverter is very easy to connect. there are always two wires from the solar panels (take note of the polarity), two wires from the utility grid and  to the load. You can follow it easily  in your inverter's  manual when you buy one.  🙂

* Other components not discussed in the picture are  safety switches that the system can operate without it but it is highly recommended  *

Rooting MyPhone MY21

Learning how to root my MyPhone My21 is the very first thing I did after buying this phone. The main reason I want to root this phone is to remove the SMS limit restriction.


There’s only one tool you will need to unlock strict access on your Myphone My21 and that is by using RootGenius rooting software. Follow the steps below to root your myphone my21.

1. Enable USB debugging( navigate to settings --> developer options --> USB debugging)

2. Download and open RootGenuis to your computer, connect your phone and click root. Wait for few minutes and  enjoy!


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Windows 8.1 installer don’t fit On 4GB flash Drive

Using Microsoft's Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to create Windows 8.1 Installation using USB Flash Drive from the ISO image doesn't fit even my USB drive is few hundred meg bigger. When I format my "4 GB" flash drive, Windows explorer shows 3.67 GB Free out of 3.72. Even though it looks like it should just fit, it does not.

To solve this problem use this procedure instead of Microsoft's Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.