df falsely showing 100 percent disk usage

df falsely says filesystem usage at 100%, and so do other applications whilst du / -sh shows an expected value.

Both are correct. The difference is that whenever an application has an open file, but the file is already deleted, then it is counted in the df output (because the space is certainly not free) but not in du (because it is not being used by a file).

Just do a 'lsof | grep deleted' and I'm almost certain you'll see some large file in /var/log being held open by some daemon that wasn't restarted whenever it's logfile was rotated. Just restart that daemon (and don't forget to fix the logrotate scripts for that daemon and/or file a bugreport about it)

My first guess is you have deleted some files that are still open. DU will not show the deleted files, but since they are still in use DF will count them.


Sure enough this was the case. I restarted zenoss stack and the server returned itself to normal.


Originally posted by Andrew Dodson @ http://perplexed.co.uk/546_df_falsely_showing_100_per_cent_disk_usage.htm

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