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Change, Fake, Spoof Your Device Identity


Keeping your identity anonymous on the Internet can have major advantages.  Enjoy unlimited free trial games,  Install applications and games that is restricted with specific device and many more.

This is also useful when you want to generate fake install of some apps in the market.


What is BluesStacks?


BlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and fullscreen in your browser and on PC. Developers also use this as emulator to test apps and games before production release.

Changing Device IMEI

You must have BlueStacks installed to proceed with the following steps. We will make sure BlueStacks is not running by killing the processes and run the IME changer binary.

  1. Install -
  2. Run HD-Quit.exe from bluestacks installation folder(ex. "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-Quit.exe" ).
  3. Download IMEI changer -
  4. Run IMEI_Changer.exe as administrator and click →  (1)Read registry → (3)GUID →  (4)IMEI →  (2)Update registry


Changing Device ID

Some apps / games is using this unique ID to identify a device depending on the developer.

  1. Download and install device ID changer -
  2. Install DeviceIDChanger.apk
  3. Click generate new ID  –> click Set New ID then reboot BlueStacks.

Change Google Advertising  ID

Some mobile ad networks are tracking users via this unique ID so this is a good practice to change this unique ID associated with the above informations.

  • To generate new Advertising ID find the Google Settings app → Ads reset advertising ID

Changing IP and Location

For you conceal your location and your real IP address run this  VPN.. Choose your desired location. Enjoy!

Note: VPNs don't run inside BlueStack so you need to install this VPN on your host machine..

Changing Phone Model

  1. Download BlueStacks Model template here -
  2. Install Any android terminal emulator from Google Play.
  3. Decide what model you are going to choose from the template and change the content of /data/.bluestacks.prop using the terminal emulator.
  4. Restart bluestacks to take effect.


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  1. Running SurfEasy VPN app from Bluestacks doesn’t work! Bluestacks has no vpm capabilities and can’t make any connections! I’ve been trying to find a workaround by redirecting bluestacks through a proxycap rule, but that isn’t working either. This is so frustrating.

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