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About Pollfish

Pollfish is a survey platform that allows easy distribution and targeting of surveys through existing mobile apps. The distribution allows survey creators to target the elusive mobile user via direct targeting options in terms of location, telecommunications carrier, app, mobile platform device used etc.

Pollfish builds its distribution through partnerships with mobile app developers who embed Pollfish SDK into their apps. Clients pay per completed survey and revenue is shared with the developers. Developers can increase their revenue as each completed survey is worth 10-20 more times than an ad click! Integration of the SDK is easy, fast and does not reserve any extra space on the developer’s app as its displayed as an overlay.

Experience With Pollfish

I tried Pollfish because  they are paying sweet $0.3(minimum) per completed survey and  the one line of code required by Pollfish to run the survey in your app. I integrated their SDK in my SMS app and after few days of testing I've noticed that surveys are only available in a specific random time each day so you cannot make this as your primary source of income but good thing about their SDK is they have survey listeners if survey is not available, survey is opened and if the survey is completed by the user. I created my own waterfall of monetization strategy  by using several ad networks. I used some of the survey listeners to make the waterfall possible. When survey is not available I show ads from Airpush --> Admob --> MobileCore. When survey is completed I reward the user by removing the annoying ads in the app.. 🙂

After a month of testing I accumulated $3239 from completed surveys from my app.. 🙂


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