How to Enable Root Access on CM13

First you have to Enable the developer option on your android device.To do so Go to Settings » About phone » Tap seven times on Build number.Now return back to Settings main menu and now you can see Developer options from there.

Now open Developer options

Look for Root access setting, and set it Apps and ADB or Apps only orADB only, as per your need.

Done!!!!! Now your Device which is running android Marshmallow via CM 13 has full root access.

To verify the root status install Root Checker.

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Fixing Host File Violation Of Freedom SMS

Freedom SMS or FSMS do not allow users who are blocking our ads but some of the phone sellers are using custom ROMs with embedded ad blocking  in the hosts file by default. Some user are willing to comply to use this app so we created this tutorial.

There are two methods to fix the host file violation:


  • You need to be rooted to execute the steps below. If you are not rooted try this method to root your device --> Here or Here .
  • install ES File Explorer for file navigation.

Method 1:

Fixing host file violation by deleting the hosts file.

  1. Open ES File Explorer menu -> Root explorer -> click Mount R/W then move all the selection to RW column.
  2. File Explorer menu -> Local -> Device -> system -> etc, you will see the file hosts then delete the file.
  3. Open FSMS again, It should work.

Method 2:

Fixing by editing the hosts file for compliance.

  1. Turn off WI-FI or Mobile data or disconnect internet connection.
  2. Open ES File Explorer menu -> Root explorer -> click Mount R/W then move all the selection to RW column.
  3. Open Es File Explorer menu -> Local -> Device -> system -> etc
  4.  Click the hosts file -> Text -> Es Note Editor - then in the menu click edit. Remove all the content except this line
  5. Long press hosts file -> more -> properties -> click change under permission row then uncheck write. 
  6. Open the app it should now work..


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Every time I dial special network commands I always prompted with error: “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. The number that I was trying to dial is "*199#". It could be due to any recently installed app that which is causing this error in my phone or maybe I am using custom ROM. This problem is very frustrating until I figured out that the work around is very easy.

 One way of solving this problem

One way of solving  “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” is to save the special number  to your contacts and a comma ',' at the end. Try calling the special number again, it should be good to go!  Enjoy! 🙂


Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

 Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

I encountered this problem when I updated Google play services in my Eclipse project. This error is due to too many methods included in the Google play services library.  You can safely take out those methods if you don't need them to not exceed the limit. This problem is much easier to work around in Android studio, but if moving to another IDE is not an option, you can try this workaround to reduce the method count of your project.

Removing unneeded Google services API

Google play services library includes the API of their  services like maps, plus, wear, games and etc.  In my case I only need Google ads API so I can safely remove them.

  1. Go to <some-path>google-play-services_lib\libs.
  2.  Open google-play-services.jar with any archiver like 7zip.
  3. Once you are inside the jar file navigate to \com\google\android\gms\ and delete services you don't need.  Enjoy!

Rooting MyPhone MY21

Learning how to root my MyPhone My21 is the very first thing I did after buying this phone. The main reason I want to root this phone is to remove the SMS limit restriction.


There’s only one tool you will need to unlock strict access on your Myphone My21 and that is by using RootGenius rooting software. Follow the steps below to root your myphone my21.

1. Enable USB debugging( navigate to settings --> developer options --> USB debugging)

2. Download and open RootGenuis to your computer, connect your phone and click root. Wait for few minutes and  enjoy!


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Pollfish – Better Way To Make Money From Apps


About Pollfish

Pollfish is a survey platform that allows easy distribution and targeting of surveys through existing mobile apps. The distribution allows survey creators to target the elusive mobile user via direct targeting options in terms of location, telecommunications carrier, app, mobile platform device used etc.

Pollfish builds its distribution through partnerships with mobile app developers who embed Pollfish SDK into their apps. Clients pay per completed survey and revenue is shared with the developers. Developers can increase their revenue as each completed survey is worth 10-20 more times than an ad click! Integration of the SDK is easy, fast and does not reserve any extra space on the developer’s app as its displayed as an overlay.

Experience With Pollfish

I tried Pollfish because  they are paying sweet $0.3(minimum) per completed survey and  the one line of code required by Pollfish to run the survey in your app. I integrated their SDK in my SMS app and after few days of testing I've noticed that surveys are only available in a specific random time each day so you cannot make this as your primary source of income but good thing about their SDK is they have survey listeners if survey is not available, survey is opened and if the survey is completed by the user. I created my own waterfall of monetization strategy  by using several ad networks. I used some of the survey listeners to make the waterfall possible. When survey is not available I show ads from Airpush --> Admob --> MobileCore. When survey is completed I reward the user by removing the annoying ads in the app.. 🙂

After a month of testing I accumulated $3239 from completed surveys from my app.. 🙂


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MobileCore iOS SDK is Now Available!


Apple developers now have access to one of the best SDKs around. As one of the top integrated SDKs for Android globally, mobileCore is now offering an iOS SDK which is fully compatible with the iOS 8 platform!

mobileCore’s Android SDK is one the most popular and widely-used SDKs in the world, and now Apple developers can take advantage of the same high-quality production that Android fans have been using for years. This is also good news for iOS users, as mobileCore offers some of the clearest, strongest and most attractive ads on the market.

As always, the mobieCore iOS SDK is super easy to integrate –  it only takes a few lines of code and you are ready to go!


The SDK’s ad units include:

mobileCore’s quality interstitial ads are full-screen ads that stand-out and take over the room (or at least the page).  Interstitials are the top-performing ad unit which generates the highest eCPMs.

Native buttons to personalize every single ad. You can fully customize the buttons’ –looks, location, purpose – and fully customize the revenue stream to work directly with their app. The ad unit is completely in your hands.

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MobileCore – High eCPM Mobile Ad Network


MobileCore is a mobile ad network offering developers and advertisers exceptionally user friendly solutions and optimization technology that deliver results. MobileCore  has the advanced data needed to drive results. Requesting billions of data points a day,  data engines forecast consumer behavior based on ad unit, gender, interest categories, device, in-app activities, geo-location and timing.

MobileCore ad units


Get weekly payments


 provides publishers with payments every 7 business days. So not only will your revenue increase, you'll also get your hands on it quicker. All payments can be received via Pay Pal or bank wire transfer.


Easy to integrate SDK

iMobileCore's lean SDK is comprised of only a few lines of code allowing for quick and easy integration. Within minutes your app can have multiple ad units designed to drive higher revenues. MobileCore's  android SDK also allows for seamless integration with multiple development frameworks and mediation platforms.


Developer Panel


The Developer Dashboard contains everything you need to manage and optimize your android apps' monetization. With in-depth performance analytics based on ad unit, geo and application, you can easily optimize your mobile monetization strategy.



Actual Experience With MobileCore

I integrated MobileCore with one of my app under communication category for 1 week to test the performance. With the result below(click the image to enlarge) I'm very happy and satisfied.




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FSMS – Free TexT To Philippines

Enjoy the most beautiful & most reliable free SMS app to all Philippine networks!!

Freedom SMS offers FREE SMS To Philippines service - designed to be simple, reliable so you can enjoy unlimited free text to Philippines. Worry no more because this free text app does NOT need Load or SMS credit. NO registration required just type, send and receive your text messages directly right on the app for FREE.


Two Way SMS(Send & Receive)
Send and receive text messages right on the app smoothly and free. The recipient just need to reply directly to your messages to receive replies. This is perfect for OFWs for receiving replies from the Philippines even without roaming SIM card. This feature will enhance your "chikkahan" with family and friends.
The recipient can reply directly to whatever number used to deliver your message. Replies are charge 1 peso as regular SMS rate unless they are registered to any unlimited text promo.

Sim and Free Modes
Just tap the earth like icon or button in the menu bar when you are about to send a message. This will let you send via SIM CARD or FREE when you are connected to the internet.

Dual SIM
Hold the send button to select between SIM cards.

Password Protection
Password protect the app so others can't see your messages.

SMS Blocker
Block unwanted contacts or numbers. Stop them from disturbing you..

Real SMS or Text
This app sends real SMS or text and it doesn't require the receiver to have this application. Even the oldest phone can receive your text messages.

Online Free Texting
This app can send and receive text messages even without SIM card. Internet is the only requirement to send and receive text messages from any part of the world you may be.

Other Useful information:
⦿ This app sends using our numbers NOT your SIM Card number.  You CANNOT have your sim card send free sms or free text because numbers are business! You cannot use it without paying to SMART/GLOBE and of course we cannot make it free for you because that is STEALING and STEALING is AGAINST the law! We are using multiple numbers to send millions of messages every now and then to minimize delay.

⦿ You hate ads? You hate surveys? We are offering NO ADS / NO Survey version for only P100/month just contact us via help and support if you are interested.
⦿ This app is a good alternative to Chikka messenger when you are out of credits.
⦿ This app sends free sms using regular Philippine number
⦿ This app does not support free call to Philippines
⦿ This app does not support radio or tv channels to Philippines
⦿ We support the following networks: TM, SUN, SMART, GLOBE

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