df falsely showing 100 percent disk usage

df falsely says filesystem usage at 100%, and so do other applications whilst du / -sh shows an expected value.

Both are correct. The difference is that whenever an application has an open file, but the file is already deleted, then it is counted in the df output (because the space is certainly not free) but not in du (because it is not being used by a file).

Just do a 'lsof | grep deleted' and I'm almost certain you'll see some large file in /var/log being held open by some daemon that wasn't restarted whenever it's logfile was rotated. Just restart that daemon (and don't forget to fix the logrotate scripts for that daemon and/or file a bugreport about it)

My first guess is you have deleted some files that are still open. DU will not show the deleted files, but since they are still in use DF will count them.


Sure enough this was the case. I restarted zenoss stack and the server returned itself to normal.


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Monit – State file ‘/var/lib/monit/state’: Unable to read magic

The magic is used to differentiate old state file format (which started with number of services) from the new extensible state file format (starts with 0, which is the "magic" - older monit versions will always start with number > 0).

It seems that the user's statefile is probably empty, hence the error is returned.

The solution is simple:

1.) stop monit
2.) remove the state file: rm -f /var/lib/monit/state
3.) start monit (will create new state file)

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Send Free TexT To All Networks(Smart | Globe | TM | SUN) From Your Computer



  1. Download BlueStacks App Player
  2. Desktop/Laptop computer running Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  3. Download Freedom  Sms - free text service app


  1. Install BlueStacks. If the installation is taking too long( depending on your internet speed but usually it takes less than 45 minutes to finish ) to  finish, force stop the installation and do it again
  2. NOTE: IF BlueStacks require  updating the graphics driver, please click  'yes' to download the  necessary update.
  3. Right click the downloaded Freedom Sms apk file and select 'Open BlueStacks APK Installer'.2
  4. Freedom SMS should be installed and you can now proceed sending 'I love you' message to your Enemies.. 🙂Capture
  5. An application shortcut should be created for freedom Sms  under 'Apps'  in your desktop.freedom

How To Backup Android Application

Sometimes  downloading an application from PlayStore is not an option( e.g. no internet ) then you should have your offline backup of your favorite  applications. The best tool for me in doing this is  Clean Master. It will extract  the .apk files from the installed application for storage.


  1.  Download Clean Master from PlayStore.
  2. Head to 'Application manager'  and select the application you want to extract the .apk file.


for the example above freedom sms  apk file will be extracted. The default location of the extracted apk file will be on your phone storage under the directory <your phone storage>/cleanmaster/backup.

Coder Uses Raspberry Pi As Platform For Teaching Programming

Coder is a project from Google Creative Lab that turns a Raspberry Pi into a personal web server and simple platform that anyone can use to teach or learn the basics of programming. It can be used to build small, easy projects in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, straight from the web browser, and best of all it is completely free and open source.

Coder: A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi.


#Coder - Interface demonstration


Please visit  googlecreativelab   for more info!