FSMS Persistent Notification

What is this all about?

If your phone is running Android Oreo 8.x.x then you will see this "FSMS is running in the background" in your notification drawer. Since Android Oreo, Apps with background services are not allowed to run when the user is not actively interacting with the app . In FSMS, we are using a background service to process online incoming SMS but since Android Oreo we are receiving a lot of complaints that they are unable to receive replies from the Philippines and we found out that online replies are not coming in when the app is not currently active on the screen. To mitigate this issue our solution is to run the task as a foreground service, but the side effect is the persistent notification in your notification drawer.

Why update the app and not stay on the old implementation?

We would love to do that, but we DO NOT have an option as of now. Google Play is forcing us to make our app adopt the changes in Android Oreo starting from November 1, 2018.

Meet Google Play's target API level requirement

Who are affected users?

All users with Android version 8.x.x and later..

This is annoying! How to remove this?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove that since it is system driven notification. This should be temporary while we are working on an alternative, ways to run this task behind the scene silently.

How can I download the previous version of FSMS?

We've made it available for now until the final version is done.

Click me to download FSMS v4.3.2


Starting FSMS v5.1.5 you will no longer see the above annoying notification! Update now from Google PlayStore!