PayPal Payments Guide

To access this payment system go to FSMS Upgrade page and click the PayPal logo.

FSMS now using the new and the improved payment system. All payments via PayPal/Credit/Debit cards are now automated and you can receive your premium code few minutes right after your payment. If paying via Credit/debit cards, you need to make sure that you are using correct and valid email address in order to receive your premium code.

  • Auto-renew - choose this option if you want PayPal to automatically charge you P150 monthly and renew your FSMS account. This auto renew system will run for 12months by default, but you can always cancel this auto-renew anytime you want. Click this for cancellation process. Choose this option if you want to retain your virtual number.
  • One-time payment - choose this option if you want to buy and pay one time. You can select the length of subscription days as seen in the image. This type of payment can buy multiple FSMS premium account as much as you want. You can use this payment option if you want to buy accounts for your friends.


  1. Account purchased with one-time payment cannot be renewed or extended. Each purchase will generate new virtual number and account.
  2. To retain your virtual number each month, pay using the auto-renew option.