SIM & Online Mode

Manage your messages in one place!

There are two Sending modes of FSMS that you can use for sending SMS.

  • SIM Mode - This is the usual sending mode where you send using your SIM SMS credits. Since FSMS v5.1.5, you are required to set FSMS as default SMS handler to use this function.
  • Online or Free Mode - This is the default mode. This mode doesn't use your SIM card or require any SMS critical permissions, but obviously internet connection is required to send your message.

Enabling SIM Mode

If you see a SIM-like icon above, it means that you will send using your SIM card credits. This mode doesn't need internet connection, but only SIM load/credits.

Notes: FSMS needs to be the default SMS app to use this function.

IF FSMS is not your default SMS app, it will prompt you when you are about to send your message.

Click yes in order to proceed sending.

Enabling Online/FREE Mode

When you see an earth-like icon above, it means you are currently using the online mode. This mode uses our servers to send messages to the Philippines. This mode requires internet to send.